Environmental Policy

Most corporate these days have a written “environmental policy” for this very reason Damien Cole Group doesn’t have one. What we do have is a culture of common sense in taking care of the environment.


Every Damien Cole Group building has a beautiful garden, which is an attempt at softening and beautifying the surrounds.


We fly the flag at every building we own.


We dispose of our wastes in a responsible manner.


Most people, (ours included) naturally want to care for the environment and act accordingly if given the opportunity – it’s as simple as that.


We support and believe in the Zero Waste initiative by the WA Government and administer by The Department of Environment. In general terms the environment is far to important to be left to the left leaning tree hugging academics, who are theorists misguided by their own loony left doctrines. Long term they are environmental vandals. They talk, but rarely act.


Ordinary well meaning working men, women and their children, are the best custodians of ours and their surroundings. They are responsible in both their work and home environments when given guidance.


We do good by doing well, it is as simple as that.



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