grow your own

It is my philosophy be it right or wrong to “grow our own” people. If that proves to be a wrong business decision long term, then I live with those consequences from a business perspective.

Even if that philosophy fails, I am still rewarded with the growth and development of the people, who were part of the process. If it ever comes down to it, I would rather have that growth than the money, as my reward. For the record, I believe I will get both.

I make no apology that I wish to attract people who are more suited to me, and to my vision, and are prepared to work to my vision. In the financial world it is possible to go in two directions. Follow the money or the heart. Clearly I choose the heart.

The people we grow need certain qualities at the beginning, such attributes are integrity, strong drive, strong values, self-reliance, energy and a good intellect. Those who don’t fit or lack or cannot or will not develop these attributes, normally last only months, not years.

Those who do last, can be assured that they do have these attributes and be confident that their positions within the company are safe for years.

Those who find the learning, the remembering, and the growth, to be hard, are the very ones we value most. Not those who find life easy, lack the drive and energy we seek, because they are not extending themselves enough.

So when asked, would we like any smarter better more highly qualified people than we have got, the answer is always yes – but let them grow from those we have now with the correct attributes they have proven to have.

Currently we have a small core of people who share that vision.

April 1st, 2006

Damien Cole Group