Deposit Policy

As an addenda to our Suppliers Policy, we advise all of our Suppliers on our view of Suppliers requesting deposits.

This Company does not provide deposits for goods in advance, regardless of whether those items are specially manufactured or not.

A Company order is a valid, enforceable contract between the parties, and no DCG order has ever been cancelled without the full consent of both parties.

All of our Creditors and Suppliers have been paid in full for now 52 years, so the credit risk to our Suppliers is low.

We honour all orders, and pay for our mistakes.

Those Suppliers who choose not to do business on this basis, have every right to decline our business, and we respect that.

We provide a list of Suppliers and encourage potential Suppliers to call any of them if they are concerned about the ethics of Damien Cole Group.

We find that Suppliers who demand deposits invariably cause us problems, and those who don’t, never have problems.

This correlation leads us to believe that Company’s who ask for deposits, need them, as it appears there is a strong correlation that there is likely to be a difficult commercial transaction ahead, hence the need to demand deposits.

We have been in business in this town for 52 years and not once asked for or been paid in advance.

We do business only with those we know, trust and admire.

Any small supplier who has difficulty funding our sometimes large orders, is welcome to request early payment for cash flow reasons. We will always oblige.


Damien Cole Group